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The poster sings, shouts, grumbles, protests, advises everything that can be heard not by the ears but by the eyes. It is the permanent dialogue of the image and the people. These words belong to the Guatemalan journalist, poet and diplomat Miguel Angel Asturias and correspond to the reality of our times.

Are you ready to "dialogue" with your potential clients, passers-by or participants of an event? Entrust the creation of your advertising or event poster to our graphic artists and designers. Always open to any proposal or suggestion, they will guide you with their sound advice.

Whatever the purpose of creating the posters, we suggest you follow the steps presented below which will guarantee the best results:

  • The type of poster: advertising poster, event poster, cultural poster, informative poster, decorative poster. Also define your target (age, profession, geographical area, etc.) and you are there! The first step is done.
  • The content of the poster: this is not only the textual content but also the visual content. The texts and images chosen must be in harmony to attract the attention of customers.
  • Graphic design of the poster: our graphic artists and designers will be able to offer you many successful models of posters. Your suggestions are also welcome!
  • Poster printing: Once all the above steps have been completed, you can proceed with printing. Choose from the various printing options offered by our partners the one that suits you and your business needs best.
  • Distribution of posters: this stage is no less important than the previous ones, as it is the distribution that guarantees the final result.

Also take advantage of the opportunity provided by web media and social networks. Post and distribute the electronic version of your poster on the Internet, capture the attention of more visitors and go straight to your goal.

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