Email Marketing

Email Marketing

from CHF 201.-

Please take advantage of our email marketing service, which occupies an important place in the digital marketing field. Emailing is also a strong tool for marketing automation in B2B communication.

The latter aims to inform and retain a base of contacts interested in your products or services and generate sales by encouraging them to visit specific pages on your website.

2 important elements characterize email marketing:

  • Bulk mailing to distinguish yourself from the daily emails you send to your customers as part of an exchange.
  • An objective business is not technical or transactional emails.

Emailing is an excellent weapon that can give desirable results, especially in conversions! Besides, it solves 3 types of problems:

  • Reputation (make you famous),
  • Image (introduce yourself as an expert),
  • Action (selling your goods and services).

This digital marketing campaign includes relational, transactional, informational utilizes (newsletters), research uses or sponsorship practices.

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