Ppc Marketing

PPC Marketing

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This web marketing technique comes in the form of ads placed in search engines. This used advertising model by the websites allows advertisers to pay the host of an advertisement based on the number of times the user clicks on that advertisement. The keyword auction process defines the positioning of PPC ads.

The PPC is dedicated to certain types of digital marketing campaigns, such as Google AdWords. Still, there are also Google Shopping, Bing Ads, Yahoo Search Marketing, Microsoft adCenter, Facebook ads, price comparison sites, besides the other private advertising agencies.

The conversion rate estimates the profitability of PPC. The latter can be an email, a call or a sale.

Why choose PPC Service?

  • This way, you only pay if your ad triggers a click.
  • You control your budget.
  • It happens instantly; as soon as you place an ad online, it generates visits and, therefore, potential conversions.

What are the limits of PPC?

  • Cost: your ad will be displayed as long as you pay. The day you stop paying, your ad will disappear.
  • Auctions: In most cases, pay-per-click advertising is based on an auction system. Therefore, CPC tends to increase steadily, forcing you to increase your budget or be less visible.
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